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Describing himself as a technology artist,Tom Ludvigson is a polymath in the true sense of the word. In 40+ years of work as a composer, performer, and producer of images and music he has explored most dimensions of audio visual art.

In the POLYMATH  project produced with Mike Weston, science and technology  encounter   cultural  art traditions  and organic forms of  Polynesia and the wider Pacific. Programmed to evoke organic forms and cultural artifacts from the artists’ life in the Pacific, the works are seeded mathematically in lines of computer instructions written as plain text. These coded instructions are processed into single images for print or sequences of digital images for animated video playback.

Ludvigson designs virtual mathematical sculptures and environments and applies digital technology to the creation of video animation, and fine art prints.

Using mathematics and computer code, input as text, output as images, he explores mathematicaly generated  form in natural and cultural environments, dramatizing this connection.

The images reference and resonate with ideas of travel, navigation, and migration.From concept to object, from imagination to the material world, toward a goal of deconstructing the ‘mechanical’ vs. ‘organic’ dichotomy, and ultimately transcending life-like complexity.