Come to Papa from The Area on Vimeo.

1920 x 1080 H265 32Mbit 48k audio
Music:Dave Angel – Come To Papa
Video : Levoleur -Tom Ludvigson and Mike Weston
c.The Area 2015/ All rights reserved.

Transmat Records MS200 Karim Sahraoui Eternal Life Ep Part 1. Video Teaser by LeVoleur. from The Area on Vimeo.

Music Karim Sahraoui . c 2014 Transmat cat MS200. Distributed by Rush Hour.
Video by LeVoleur www.levoleur.net
directed by Mike Weston www.thearea.co.nz
Animations and editing : Tom Ludvigson www.jazzscore.com
Transmat globe logo Martin Stebbing
This piece was commissioned bny Derrick May to promote the release of Karim Sahraoui’s Eternal Life EP Pt 1 and the relaunch of Transmat Records May 2014 www.transmatrecords.com

LeVoleur1 from The Area on Vimeo.

Excerpt from  LeVoleur  live show “The Post Human World” 1min