In her 8th album, Low Fidelity, Brisa Roché reveals herself magnificently free, raw and solitary.

With eyes on the road to maximum sincerity and hands on her own guts and creative impulse, Brisa delivers essential song sketches, brutally composing with what’s at hand.

The result is an album of beautifully wonky analog skeletons and lucid, straight to the heart songwriting, the spectral purity of an artist affirming herself without artifice.

Masters  – Mike Weston -The Area.

Brisa Roché : Low Fidelity Press / radio pack (requires password)

Reviewers  say...

“open-heart postcards from a more dust-blown Laurel Canyon-like world where hope and disappointment co-exist…..wonderfully metaphorical, deliberately disorienting …a real intimacy and even an urgency …warmth and comfort, ..astutely observational” Graham Reid =ELSEWHERE

Roché doesn’t so much chase the muse as she etherises it; these delicate musical motifs and soft, breathy whisperings are like butterflies pinned to the board  – Simon Sweetman . Off the tracks