The  official debut of the Cardboard and Computers multimedia  project at Lot23 was  the first major exhibition of new Weston Frizzell work since Blockbusters (Saatchi and Saatchi gallery 2012).The exhibition showcased 22 new paintings, a selection of recent edition works, and the Cardboard and Computers “The Best Ones” Art / Music package .A  3 colour limited edition screenprint “BESTBITS” in two colourways /editions 0f 100 each, with accompanying 12″ vinyl record tin a special cover package.

“Factory” Silver /Black/White
“Candy” Pink/Black/White Ltd

Otis Frizzell – Lead Vocal & Idea Thief
Mike Weston – Programming Edit and Mix
Tom Ludvigson – Video and Sound Synthesis

Special guest contributions from international drummer/percussionist  Tony Escapa, taking a break from his day job touring with the Ricky Martin band. Evan Short, of Concord Dawn contributes lead guitar, and USA turntablist legend scratchmaster Freddy Fresh  delivers  a  slamming electro breaks remix.

Besides producing and engineering TheBestOnes, as with all Weston Frizzell productions, Mike Weston keeps  things on track at  The Area, co-ordinating  painting, music and video production .

Otis Frizzell’s graphic history includes graffiti art, tattoos, graphic design, screen printing and painting, and  these disciplines combine to make him the ‘illustrating hand’ of  C&C.  A rapper in his  former life, he was thus  the best  choice  to voice the Robot rap  in the song ‘TheBestOnes’  the trio produced for the project, Out of the lyrical content developed for the rap es, a graphic vocabulary of 8 bit  ICONS was born, and became the subject for the next Weston Frizzell painting series, Otis taking charge of the precise drafting  and Mike bringing his own mastery of paint science and intuitive feel for improvised destruction, giving each work it’s own unique fusions of patina and finish-frrom slick, hi-shine polish to antique, alleyway distressing.

Tom Ludvigson is a polymath in the true sense of the word. In 40+ years of work as a composer, performer, and producer of images and music he has explored most dimensions of audio visual art. Ludvigson designs virtual mathematical sculptures and environments .In Cardboard and Computers  Tom Ludvigson  applies digital technology to the creation synthesized sound and  moving image. He has an extensive track record in  electronic music of  many genres. A long term collaborator with  Mike Weston their recent output includes video for  international techno artist Dave Angel and  Detroit techno legend Derrick Mays Transmat label.  Initially lending his electronic music mastery   to the production of TheBestOnes,  the evolving visual vocabulary also  fed perfectly into Ludvigsons experimental approach to video synthesis.

“Y’all need a lesson – Let us be your tutors”

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TheBestOnes from The Area on Vimeo.