Weston Frizzell is the collaborative identity of artists Otis Frizzell and Mike Weston.
Bold, Innovative and often controversial, the “hi-performance art partnership” has its roots in the street art and pop culture melting pot of Auckland’s K’ Rd of the late 90’s. Their collaboration  applied a  production-team approach to producing  one off and edition painted works, an extensive series of hit limited edition screenprints and digital works, and a constantly  expanding range of mass marketed merchandise.

By applying sampling, cutup and remix techniques and philosophies to the creative process, Weston Frizzell manipulate appropriated subject matter into slick, accessible and edgy work with tight production values, at times wilfully oblivious to conventional notions of authorship or originality.The philosophy  and work is informed by dada, punk , situationism, hip-hop, graffiti art and techno culture, and their work embodies an informed, and witty approach to juxtaposing art history and contemporary media, often with political message at the centre. They appropriate from a broad set of cultural sources, reworking and reconfiguring elements to create works that span  the boundaries between art, product, design, style and artifact.